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produced and mastered by jonah

thanks to smoky abramson for the mellow sax

so many thanks to ko and dylan for the advice and help and to all the assorted delightful people for their various contributions


released June 26, 2013



all rights reserved


JONAH & THE WHALE Boston, Massachusetts

very lucid and important rap beats, including thoughts and LOLs also marijuana plus exclusive insider stock information and electricity also

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Track Name: ALRIGHT
it's alright x 4

[verse 1 - Ari]
it's alright
living in a town that's mostly all white
but me i dissent, not the consumerist mall-type
more the type to hit a bong and make a song tight
more the type to spend a long night with friends
as the moonlight descends
and wonder why some and not others have ends
wonder why some make large sums and ride in around in benzes
while bum for change and sleep on benches
it's alright like white picket fences
like spending long nights at a window being pensive
standardized tests that are quite comprehensive
climbing up a ladder that is ripe with incentives
living in a Brave New World of soma sedatives
i learned all my references at Wesleyan for debt 'n shit
now i'm pretentious with the best of 'em
but it's alright, like a threesome with some lesbians


[verse 2 - Ari]
it's alright like tofu, alright like whole foods
alright like a country run by white old dudes
alright like suburbia, really it's fine
porches at night, with a glass of port wine
tequila on a table pocked with scored limes
kids so bored they ain't sober till it's snore time
it's alright though, it passes the days
a wrap from the haze and a glass for malaise

[piano solo - Jonah]


[verse 3 - Ari]
it's alright living nice with a bunch of white mice in a maze
and the cheese is a passable wage
it makes for a passable repast
like eating wheat pasta but you got no sauce
new Guilded Age just a big Dilbert comic
and it don't matter much but i still blurt the phonics
chronic herbalist spitting these verbal sonnets
an acrobat flipping metronomic words robotic
in the burbs where they bought it, the gadgets took over
now it's all mediocre, ratchet or sober
the pastor and ignoble commiserate in misery
so unholy the Swiss cheese was made in Italy
it's alright like an afternoon Wii sports
like tryna get high and your weed short
like going to the beach but you need shorts to swim in
it's alright like platonic friendships with beautiful women

Track Name: WHOOPS
[verse 1 - Jonah]
i'm eating PUSSY, whoops i meant PIZZA
seasoned it with semen, whoops i meant paprika
i meant to smoke some salmon, but then i smoke some reefer
i touch my daughter, whoops i meant i feed her
i'm taking steroids, whoops i meant i bench press
i'm watching porn flicks, whoops i meant PBS
i'm skipping school, whoops i meant it's recess
my crispy brain cells, damn this beat fresh
i rolled a fat blunt, whoops i meant burrito
ran my tongue over a titty, whoops i meant a cheeto
whole bottle of painkillers, whoops they were placebo
shopping at condom world, whoops i meant home depot
look me in the penis, whoops i meant my eye
i won a pussy eating contest, whoops i meant pie
i meant to watch some Spongebob, but then i watched some hentai
i'm the richest motherfucker, whoops i meant guy

[verse 2 - Ari]
i had anal sex with your brother, whoops i meant your mother
and i wore a tracksuit, whoops i meant a rubber
cock-slapped a whale, i mean i hunted it for its blubber
wait that's not any better, well then i best choose another
hey i'm cooking all this FREEBASE, whoops i mean POLENTA
then i creamed on your face i mean PUT CREAM IN MY POLENTA
now it tastes like semen, whoops i mean delicious
but hey let's be honest man, really what's the difference
i meant to go to the studio, whoops i fell asleep though
shot a lot of people, whoops i meant a free throw
i smoke a lot of weed bro, whoops i meant brisket
i'm mixing all this sizzurp, whoops i meant nesquick
got so sick at rapping, whoops i got lupus
my mouth is full of wisdom, whoops i meant cool whip
i ran a thousand miles, owwwww i need a new hip

i'm ashin' all these blunts, i mean i'm Ash in Pokemon
sent your mom a dick pic, whoops i meant emoticon
and if my dick is vibrating, all it means my phone is on
you say i have a chode -- if so, MY CHODE IS LONG
i got a small dick, whoops i meant self-esteem
i got organ failure, whoops i meant a healthy spleen
eight girls on my d, it was a wet dream
poor people deserve it, wait, that's not what i mean...

[Ari + Jonah]
whoops i messed up x 3
yeah, shut the fuck up
[verse 1 – Ari]
I kick a verse
certain that somewhere twenty dolla bills buy some purps for a purse
It’s the suburbs ya heard, and a serpent is lurking,
a Subaru is swerving and a servant is working

across the globe, young Pakistani boy is swirling a turban
while man in Nevada operates a drone mixing pixels for persons
and somewhere marijuana smoke lips that are persing
but meanwhile, young Zulu boy learning English in Durbin,
ponders inequalities of racialized earnings
as old white man swirls a glass full Bourbon for boredom,
but who can really blame him, right?
It’s the same shit, different day, same night,
same fuel, same light
same gruel for poor kids whose names ain’t white,
Jamal, Jerome, Darrel, DeWhite, like
Katie Couric fucking blind to the site
skyscraping CEOS hide in the heights
of penthouses overlooking Central Park
like, “Look at the people round the benz that I parked!”
yo the means is the end, and the end is my art
I see all with compassion like my lens is my heart
tryna get up on my level then your ventricles a start
they say I’m too dense to pull by decibels apart
but I digress, back to the boy in Bangladesh
living in the shanty town of she who made your dress
put a tongue to your fabric, lips taste the flesh
but you can’t, caused text tiles laced the stitch
meanwhile, young boy face rips of a sesh in the burbs
and Trainwrecks the herb, it’s a trainwreck YA HEARD
get ya brain wet ya nerd, livin in a desert of inanity
with sandstorms of words, its absurd
just to couple the fact
all the birds live in factory cages packed to the gills
while the meat packing industry shills ship commercials for bills,
as a girl in the burbs twirls her hips off some pills
and they’re both named Molly
one large world, one large folly
over and over and over again
so I scribbled down this verse before snapping my pen

[verse 2 – Ari]
yo remember that pen that was snapped in two?
well I strung it back together with half a sinew
that was ripped off the back of a boy in Iraq
collateral damage, an American flag, and all that
but back in Washington a pair of Guiness stouts
are sipped as pair of business suits loose lips
over lobbying and insider trading house tips
and their mouths finishing sipped, they both forget the to tip
the waitress, paying off her college from this shit
and she knows all politics is pompous but she still she gotta flirt
ao she hikes up her skirt, zips up her pride and undoes a button on shirt
meanwhile, a Yemenite woman dons a shroud
as a woman in Uganda walks barebreasted proud
as more kids in suburbs smoke marijuana, turn their music real loud
in any corner of the globe
for everyone is silent, and everyone’s a node
on a system or grid much too large for them
that’s why I stitched up my pen

I kick a verse
certain that somewhere twenty dolla bills buy some purps for a purse
It’s the suburbs ya heard, and a serpent is lurking,
a Subaru is swerving and a servant is working
Track Name: DUMPY RUNZ
I got the marijuana smoke up in my lungs
so high I feel like I have two tongues
I got the munchies, I'm snackin those honey buns
I'm pooping later, I got the dumpy runs

I got the marijuana smoke up in my lungs
with two tongues, I'm tongue tied
doobies with some dumb guys
boobies with your momma
after getting high on marijuana
sucking on her titties
sippin on some fanta

that's that orange flavored cleavage
with a million dollars I'd buy a lot of weed, philbin regis
leave it to beaver and beavis and butthead
me? i'm a cartoon character, enough said

nugs and dreads our modern day messiah
bob marley - smokin all these doobies at a party
lookin really smart b
me and my friend we makes art b
eat honey buns we start to fart b

jonah and the whale
weed up on this scale
me? i'm a grain of sand in a very large pail
that's a deep thought, for your weed smoke
trust me man, you'll get it when you're high bro

don't think we joke
we really smoke weed bro
just because we're funny
we do eat the buns that are sticky with the honey
blowing all the sticky icky afghan kush

marijuana smoke up in my lungs
marijuana smoke up in my lungs
marijuana smoke up in my lungs

I got the marijuana smoke up in my lungs
so high I feel like I have two tongues
I got the munchies, I'm snackin those honey buns
I'm pooping later, I got the dumpy runs

dumpy runs
dumpy runs
dumpy runs
dumpy runs
Track Name: CA$H MONEY feat meesh

[verse 1 - Ari]
i need some money money money, oh yes i need it
i'm mad materialistic plus this is ash is not a weed hit
real quick, tell me where the money i'd done turn a trick
been bummin dimes for weeks i need a gram of weed to burn a spliff, LICKITY SPLIT
shit, that's the great thing about capital
you want something, and then suddenly your hands are full (!)
of that thing, i go caching and buy a diamond ring
thank you Ayn Rand, Alan Greenspan, and the Congo for these finer things
i span the continents like money
man in real life, the only real context is money
you'd be forgiven for wondering why some just have a lot of it
while others bum for change or work in chains or live in slums b
first as a tragedy, but now it's farce and funny
but i mean like, we can't just give shit away, what are you some DUMMY
it's obvious and common sense
some will have the sense to the debase themselves for common cents
to pay their college debt and rent
or else it's quite apparent, they got a parent with a trust fund
or else they work in a commune and sell organic squash to parents with trust funds
or else they sell butt plugs! or else they sell something else
wealthy wealth, everybody get a Linkedin
no one really notice the chain that they linked in
like six piggy banks own the coffers that we clink in
and all the slaves get their wages paid in Lincolns

moonnnneeeyy ohohohohohoh

[verse 2 - Meesh (Michael Garfinkle of "No Trace")]

moneeey ooooooh
Track Name: CLUB HIT
it's a club hit, do some dumb shit
everybody get drizzy drunk and bump it
find your nearest friend's tushie and hump it
but ALWAYS ask for consent in a club hit
woooooh, candy-flipping off the base
feeling so dumb i took a whip-it to the face
it's a club hit, do some dumb shit
here comes the part with them TRUMPETS
[smokey on the sax... whoops]

[verse 1 - Ari]
OK, so you caught us, the trumpet was a sax
but what the fuck you care? just bump it and relax
shake your butt, shake your back
you're a herd, you're a pack
nah, this is just oregano the herb that we packed
fuck it it's a club hit, do some DUMB SHIT
take a baby seal -- CLUB IT
ooooh, man it just got dark
everybody pair up on the floor, Noah's Ark
you're an animal with molly in your mandible, grinding
i love human flesh, i'm a cannibal in hiding
watch out -- that's my pelvis you're riding!
i rock it like i'm elvis on the floor when i'm gliding
side to side, the slide so electric
always get consent, though the club quite hectic
so many people in this MOSH PIT, MOSH PIT
so much MOSH PIT, now i'm feel nauseous
gotta take a bong rip, loosen up my colon
codine and sizzurp, now i'm feeling golden
people in the back startin bumpin cocaine
me i'm on the floor steady humpin insane


[verse 2 - Ari]
shake your butt like my boy Justin Bieber
groove to the tune like my man Pete Seeger
dance just slightly queerer than you are in your day to day
move your hips in a sleezy way
move your hips as if they were the wind, billowing off a breezy bay

oh ari you gay man WTF WAS THAT

it's a club hit club hit club hit club hit
everybody move your booty
crump it crump it crump it crump it
everybody feelin groovy!

Track Name: RAINING
[verse - Ari]
raining on a, raining on a, raining on a, raining on
staring out my windowpane, wait for days when pain is gone
train of thought is fraught with what they taught me up at college
passin out from knowledge, collaging all my follies till I’m falling
falling like the rain up the streets x 2

upon the streets the rainy rivulets collect in liquid strains
dripping into sewer drains, the streamy scene is picturesque
yet its newer names for different sames, coursing blood in bluish veins
and somewhere corporate man sifts resumes and hopes he picks the best
cog in the, c-cog in the, c-cog in the machine
somewhere smokey teens are busy coughin up a spleen
well if media’s the mode of thought then klonopins the mean
clogging up cacophonies of dreams
down esophagi slide the slimey raindrops of Pfizer
the pill pops and bottle caps throttle past the child locks
file-drops and drop box mock concerns of sage and wiser geriatrics
mumbling something onslaught avalanche of plastic
its drastic, it’s tragic, tragicomic comedy
come with me to walk and we can survey all the oddities
Mcdonalds bought the colonies, now autumn falls with dollar leaves
owned by what we own like we inverted apostrophes
the sky is raining punctuation
question marks pock the cresting waves of undulation
and out my window, the world is full of raininess
I recollect my breath before considering my cadences

waiting on a, waiting on a, waiting on a season change
reasons rearrange but pangs of angst they stay the same
full of madness, full of madness, maladjusted to the average
shun the rights of passage meant to civilize the savage, blah blah blah blah
flowing roses out my cabbage
flowers pass the days as all their petals pass away
pastel colored palindromes, racecars tides and gramophones
it’s waves in spinning circles
waves in spinning circles
pastel colored palindromes, racecars tides and gramophones
pattering my window is a rain of pinkish purple
I hide behind abstraction (la la la)
I am not whole I am a fraction (la la)
I hide behind abstraction
I am not whole I am a fraction

[sax interlude - smokey]

[reprieve – Ari]
raining on a, raining on a, raining on a, raining on
staring out my windowpane, wait for days when pain is gone
train of thought is fraught with what they taught me up at college
passin out from knowledge, collaging all my follies till I’m falling
falling like the rain up the streets x 2