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it's alright x 4

[verse 1 - Ari]
it's alright
living in a town that's mostly all white
but me i dissent, not the consumerist mall-type
more the type to hit a bong and make a song tight
more the type to spend a long night with friends
as the moonlight descends
and wonder why some and not others have ends
wonder why some make large sums and ride in around in benzes
while bum for change and sleep on benches
it's alright like white picket fences
like spending long nights at a window being pensive
standardized tests that are quite comprehensive
climbing up a ladder that is ripe with incentives
living in a Brave New World of soma sedatives
i learned all my references at Wesleyan for debt 'n shit
now i'm pretentious with the best of 'em
but it's alright, like a threesome with some lesbians


[verse 2 - Ari]
it's alright like tofu, alright like whole foods
alright like a country run by white old dudes
alright like suburbia, really it's fine
porches at night, with a glass of port wine
tequila on a table pocked with scored limes
kids so bored they ain't sober till it's snore time
it's alright though, it passes the days
a wrap from the haze and a glass for malaise

[piano solo - Jonah]


[verse 3 - Ari]
it's alright living nice with a bunch of white mice in a maze
and the cheese is a passable wage
it makes for a passable repast
like eating wheat pasta but you got no sauce
new Guilded Age just a big Dilbert comic
and it don't matter much but i still blurt the phonics
chronic herbalist spitting these verbal sonnets
an acrobat flipping metronomic words robotic
in the burbs where they bought it, the gadgets took over
now it's all mediocre, ratchet or sober
the pastor and ignoble commiserate in misery
so unholy the Swiss cheese was made in Italy
it's alright like an afternoon Wii sports
like tryna get high and your weed short
like going to the beach but you need shorts to swim in
it's alright like platonic friendships with beautiful women



from JONAH and the WHALE, released June 26, 2013



all rights reserved


JONAH & THE WHALE Boston, Massachusetts

very lucid and important rap beats, including thoughts and LOLs also marijuana plus exclusive insider stock information and electricity also

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