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it's a club hit, do some dumb shit
everybody get drizzy drunk and bump it
find your nearest friend's tushie and hump it
but ALWAYS ask for consent in a club hit
woooooh, candy-flipping off the base
feeling so dumb i took a whip-it to the face
it's a club hit, do some dumb shit
here comes the part with them TRUMPETS
[smokey on the sax... whoops]

[verse 1 - Ari]
OK, so you caught us, the trumpet was a sax
but what the fuck you care? just bump it and relax
shake your butt, shake your back
you're a herd, you're a pack
nah, this is just oregano the herb that we packed
fuck it it's a club hit, do some DUMB SHIT
take a baby seal -- CLUB IT
ooooh, man it just got dark
everybody pair up on the floor, Noah's Ark
you're an animal with molly in your mandible, grinding
i love human flesh, i'm a cannibal in hiding
watch out -- that's my pelvis you're riding!
i rock it like i'm elvis on the floor when i'm gliding
side to side, the slide so electric
always get consent, though the club quite hectic
so many people in this MOSH PIT, MOSH PIT
so much MOSH PIT, now i'm feel nauseous
gotta take a bong rip, loosen up my colon
codine and sizzurp, now i'm feeling golden
people in the back startin bumpin cocaine
me i'm on the floor steady humpin insane


[verse 2 - Ari]
shake your butt like my boy Justin Bieber
groove to the tune like my man Pete Seeger
dance just slightly queerer than you are in your day to day
move your hips in a sleezy way
move your hips as if they were the wind, billowing off a breezy bay

oh ari you gay man WTF WAS THAT

it's a club hit club hit club hit club hit
everybody move your booty
crump it crump it crump it crump it
everybody feelin groovy!



from JONAH and the WHALE, released June 26, 2013



all rights reserved


JONAH & THE WHALE Boston, Massachusetts

very lucid and important rap beats, including thoughts and LOLs also marijuana plus exclusive insider stock information and electricity also

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