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[verse 1 - Jonah]
i'm eating PUSSY, whoops i meant PIZZA
seasoned it with semen, whoops i meant paprika
i meant to smoke some salmon, but then i smoke some reefer
i touch my daughter, whoops i meant i feed her
i'm taking steroids, whoops i meant i bench press
i'm watching porn flicks, whoops i meant PBS
i'm skipping school, whoops i meant it's recess
my crispy brain cells, damn this beat fresh
i rolled a fat blunt, whoops i meant burrito
ran my tongue over a titty, whoops i meant a cheeto
whole bottle of painkillers, whoops they were placebo
shopping at condom world, whoops i meant home depot
look me in the penis, whoops i meant my eye
i won a pussy eating contest, whoops i meant pie
i meant to watch some Spongebob, but then i watched some hentai
i'm the richest motherfucker, whoops i meant guy

[verse 2 - Ari]
i had anal sex with your brother, whoops i meant your mother
and i wore a tracksuit, whoops i meant a rubber
cock-slapped a whale, i mean i hunted it for its blubber
wait that's not any better, well then i best choose another
hey i'm cooking all this FREEBASE, whoops i mean POLENTA
then i creamed on your face i mean PUT CREAM IN MY POLENTA
now it tastes like semen, whoops i mean delicious
but hey let's be honest man, really what's the difference
i meant to go to the studio, whoops i fell asleep though
shot a lot of people, whoops i meant a free throw
i smoke a lot of weed bro, whoops i meant brisket
i'm mixing all this sizzurp, whoops i meant nesquick
got so sick at rapping, whoops i got lupus
my mouth is full of wisdom, whoops i meant cool whip
i ran a thousand miles, owwwww i need a new hip

i'm ashin' all these blunts, i mean i'm Ash in Pokemon
sent your mom a dick pic, whoops i meant emoticon
and if my dick is vibrating, all it means my phone is on
you say i have a chode -- if so, MY CHODE IS LONG
i got a small dick, whoops i meant self-esteem
i got organ failure, whoops i meant a healthy spleen
eight girls on my d, it was a wet dream
poor people deserve it, wait, that's not what i mean...

[Ari + Jonah]
whoops i messed up x 3
yeah, shut the fuck up


from JONAH and the WHALE, released June 26, 2013



all rights reserved


JONAH & THE WHALE Boston, Massachusetts

very lucid and important rap beats, including thoughts and LOLs also marijuana plus exclusive insider stock information and electricity also

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